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The following ministries have at least one Donor Alert associated with it by

1. Amazing Facts
Roseville, CA

2. Benny Hinn Ministries / World Outreach Church/ World Healing Center Church
Irving, TX

3. Bible Broadcasting Network / BBN/ Lowell Davey StarStarStar
Charlotte, NC

4. Breakthrough Ministries / Rod Parsley
Columbus, OH

5. ChildFund / Christian Children's Fund/ CCF StarStarStar
Richmond, VA

6. Creflo Dollar Ministries
College Park, GA

7. Ever Increasing Faith / Fred Price/ Crenshaw Christian Center
Los Angeles, CA

8. Family Care Foundation / FCF Star
Spring Valley, CA

9. God's News Behind the News
St Petersburg, FL

10. Gospel for Asia, Inc./ K.P. Yohannan
Carrollton, TX

11. Inspirational Network/ Inspiration Ministries/ INSP Star
Indian Land, SC

12. Trinity Broadcasting Network / TBN/ Paul & Jan Crouch Star
Tustin, CA in its role as a donor advocate developed Donor Alerts to highlight a sampling of ministries with issues important to donors, such as being non-transparent, high salaries, misleading marketing efforts, revocation of tax-exempt status, ties to cultic practices, investigations under way, and more. Any one ministry does not necessarily cover all these issues as there is a wide spectrum of issues. Most donors expect charitable organizations to act on behalf of others and not for greed, personal aggrandizement, or other reasons; however, ministries are operated by human beings who are subject to the shortcomings common to man, including what some may call the “principle of ethical entropy”, or as Christians call it, sin. Donors do not always have the power or know-how to pursue accountability; however, each donor can do their part by making an informed giving decision by looking at various factors and issues. We commend donors for assessing various factors in making giving decisions. Our list here may not be part of your criteria. At a minimum, we hope that you become informed and give your limited resources where you think they will be used best.