Introduction to My Ministries Portfolio

My Ministries Portfolio is your unique page to collect, compare and take notes on your favorite ministries.

As you search and view ministry profiles on you have the option to click on a button, "Add to portfolio" that will include ministries of your choice at this location. The ministries will be saved and waiting for you at this location the next time you login as well. You also may remove a ministry at this location by clicking on "Remove Ministry" at this location within the ministry row on the right hand side. In addition, you have the ability to add your own notes if you desire by clicking on, "Add Notes" within the ministry row on the right hand side.

You may also check up to six "Compare Ministry" boxes in order to compare varying items for each ministry to each other. When comparing these ministries, there are four comparison options:

  1. "Basic Ministry Comparison" is the default with ten items of comparison
  2. "Intermediate Ministry Comparison" has more than 20 items for comparison
  3. "Advanced Ministry Comparison" has more than 35 items for comparison
  4. "Custom Comparison" or "Build your own Comparison" allows you to build your own criteria choosing from more than 100 options. Your preferences will be remembered.