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Subject: Your Organisation is the Anti christ


No matter how hard your try to destroy of christian belief, You are wasting your time, Prophets like Creflo Dollar and Kenneth Copeland, eddie Long ,ad joyce Meyer have done more in preaching and promoting the Gospel world wide teaching people like my self how the paractically apply the word in our life.

The bible says anyone is loves the world hates God.

We all know where you stand, You are trying to use the world system of doing thing to tell God's people how to operate in the kingdom of God.

I donation to my ministries is by Faith in the word its a personal relationship between the believer and God . Our giving has nothing to do to the preachers we all give in faith into the Kingdom and Thats our Business, the bible says the ways of God is foolishness to the world. We believers have been called gullible, stupid,ignorant and poor. You are supposed to be for christ, now you are now getting the world system of doing things to now come in and control the word of God.

Let me let you know I am Very wealthy and I will back the Ministry financial till the last day I breath on the earth.

It makes no diiference what you do. My mnistries will always get my tithe, Gifts and offering.


How dare you attack ministries.
How dare you bring government into attacking ministries.
How dare you pubiicly judge ministries.

You are in deep error.
There is NO biblical mandate for what you are doing.
You are sitting in the judgment seat of Christ.
Your judgments are entirely worldly.
Your actions are entirely worldly.
Your view is entirely worldly.
Believe what ever you want to believe, go your merry way.

But to visciously attack men and women of God because they don't cowtow to you, Or bow to your world view, or bow to giving up their records when in fact, they don't owe you any of their time or attention.



Subject: You are losers

God will punish you for trying to pull down ministries of God who are men of God. You will go to hell. god said to stop your abusing ministries for your own wants. You f****** a** holes. Want dont you f****** get a real job and leave my people alone. You f****** c*** suckers

Subject: You guys are sick!!!

I was delivered from 13 years of alcoholism and drug abuse watching Morris Cerullo at 2am in March of last year. He said God was going to command an anointing upon me; to this day I have not been the same. I was delivered from Drugs, Alcohol, Cigerettes, Anxiety, Depression, Lust... A complete deliverance. Nothing you say can change the fact that he is for REAL. The only thing that would explain your behavior would be that YOU are the guilty party. You are being used of Satan to do his dirty work. All praise be to my Lord Jesus Christ

Subject: God Haters

You know you people are worst than Antheist. Are you the Anti-Christ or something? Who died and left you in charge? You are not helping the Body of Christ. You are doing more harm than good. It is organizations like yours that I pray will dry up and become non-existence, not Benny Hinn. You should find a better way to do things in a peaceful manner like the Bible says. Follow peace with all men, and you are not following peace when you side with the media, who is already bashing the church. It's a ministries choice not to give you information if they choose to. You don't have the right to grade them because they don't. You reap exactly what you sow. You sowed a bad seed, and you will reap a bad harvest!

Subject: You will not be permitted by God to hurt Benny Hinn or any other Christians and their Organizations!

Wall Watchers, NBC or anyone else who wishes harm on Christians will NOT be permitted by God to hurt Benny Hinn or any other Christians and their Organizations! IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY, AMEN & AMEN!

Subject: Are you really doing God's work??

Are you doing God's work or satan's the way you have presented the ministriers that are doing work for the Lord was unexceptable. Don't you think they are already hit from every angle. You just need to beat on them some more??? I guess so. Don't mess with God's anointed. They are reaching souls what are you doing?

Don't you think the fact is the Lord owns everything that He has more than enough to give His people. Shouldn't we be blessed? Why isn't wrong for some rapper to have millions but when a child of God does you think there is something wrong with that. It's backwards!!! Those ministries are blessed for a reason and that reason is because the Lord is honoring them and yes He allows us to have vacations. I don't think the Lord has a problem with Kenneth Copland using the jet to enjoy sometime with His family. Let go of your legalistic attitude and my prayer is that the Lord's will is done in your business/ministry.

Subject: Benny Hinn

Although I am in no way a supporter of Benny Hinn I thought your article on him could be more balanced. E.g If his salary is 1 million and the annual income to the ministry is 100 million his salary represents 1% of the income. I wonder how many pastors in the world receive 1% of the churches income? Does he personally own the assets of the ministry? I also wonder how many other ministries have their own jet plane? I suspect quiet a lot. I agree that the extravigent living and 'self' centred theology needs to be questioned.

Subject: Feedback about Ministry Watch

Shame on you for attacking these men of God the way you do. Do you really believe that ministries and their leaders should not have the best. Or maybe it's just Hollywood and drug dealers that should have mansions and luxury cars. READ THE BIBLE. Every man of God, Prophet or King lived a life of abundance. Jesus himself was wealthy, Yes Jesus. "Though he was rich he becam poor, that we through his poverty might be rich." The original Hebrew for rich is "plusious" which means wealthy and abounding in MATERIAL resources. God did not boast of Jesus' wealth because he knew the heart of man and many would follow Him simply for the riches. I grew up in a religeous home that taught of the "vow of poverty". I am sick and tired of the poverty and lack mentality that is blocking the blessings of God. God is my source, my healing source, my financial source, my source for all. I thank God for Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Leroy Thompson, Kenneth Haggen, Bill Winston, Rod Parsley, Creflo Dollar. I give willingly to their ministries and the work they do. Take the time to figure out how much it costs to fly to Africa and the middle east to preach the gospel to millions. I put my trust in God Almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth, Father of Abraham Issac and Jacob, Who sent his only begotten Son to die on the cross so that I might have life and have it more abundantly. If I am led by the Holy Spirit to give to a particular ministry, I will do it. God will deal with those who misappropriate the funds. I will e-mail you again when I purchase my first Rolls-Royce.

Im not sure what you are trying to do.. But I dont care that these pastors live in fancy homes.. Were you there when Paul Crouch began TBN.. He took every penny he had to keep TBN going.. Because He gave the world now has TBN.. I thank God everyday for the ministries on this network.. Have you ever seen a crack addict delivered?? Well I have my husband.. And how, listening to Benny Hinn. I couldnt have children. But now have two.. How praying with a TBN ministry.. If you believe that these miracles didnt change my life forever. You are sadly mistaken.. And the millions of lives that TBN and other ministries touch.. We believe God when He said give and it shall be given.. God has given more to me than I have ever given to Him.. Always He is blessing those who give. Instead of taking donations and getting rich yourself.. Maybe you should be blessing those ministries that do so much to help others reach for higher ground.. Those who cant help themselves. Those are the people that TBN and other ministries reach every day of every year.. Shame on you.. Go back to work!! Why do you believe America is the wealthiest nation on the earth.. Because of those who have learned to give.. And realize that wealth is not ours to keep, but to give. In giving we each help ourselves. May God open your eyes in how you are hurting the faith of those who God wants to heal or deliver.. You have the right to speak your mind, as a God given right.. But before you speak maybe you should pray..

Subject: Feedback about the money

I can see from your viewpoint the accusations that your sending forth. However, how do you know forsure that all that money is going into their pocket? I know a lot of ministers that people persoanlly give to them for their commitment and indurance and not that ministry. So, it seems some of your pointing of the finger is unfair.

Subject: God is watching

God is watching you!

In a time such as this with war, drought, famon, hurricane damage...

You go after the very people who are changing lives from poverty to prosperity, removed generational curses.

You should be ashamed. They should live as Kings and Queens. You mean to tell me that you think that a lifes work and dedication should be what you say is enough. Well, civil servants live a lot better than some ministers I know and they havent done jack to fix the condition of the poor in this country or any other for that matter. Be careful when you do works that put you in the company of the worlds way, non profit is the worlds term not Gods and you claim you are called by God to do this. You are a destraction from what God is doing and when he does settle the kingdom of heaven on earth like it is in heaven, well, be ready to repent. How many lives have you saved or changed. What role are you playing in the bible because the only one I know that policed the money that Jesus spent was Judas.

Subject: Feedback about Do you folks read the Bible at all?

I'm appalled at your self-styled vandetta against men of God in the US. Firstly, if you've ever read the BIBLE with the Holy Spirit aiding your understanding you'd know that if any man who's called of God goes into error that He (God) will judge them not ministrywatch. Secondly, what you folks are about today is no different from what some sections of the church in the days of Paul the apostle were doing. Attempting to tear him down. Did they succeed? NO! Benny, Creflo, Fredrick Price, Kenneth, Jerry, TBN etc., will still be here long after you've folded. Thirdly, I find it utterly repulsive that you can even dare to ask for financial help for your work. I thought you claim the prosperity message and word of faith message is evil and self-styled? Why don't your God rain finance from the skies to support you. In case you folks don't know the message of the Gospel is free but the medium to get it out there is expensive. By the way, how many crusades have organised or conferences where lives have been changed, rather you so called right Christians are in alliance with the worldly media to tear them these men whom God have called to teach His truth in this age. SHAME ON MINISTRYWATCH for allowing the devil to use them. We already know what the end of your venture is going to be unless you repent. Read Paul's letter to the churches and turn from your profoundly evil ways. I'm on the look out if you'd be bold enough to publish my comments on your website!!!!

Subject: Unbelief


Subject: Your vision

You seem to have either torn pages out of your bible or maybe even are sent from the pit of hell to de-rail The movement God has in store. May you seek God's face and his vision for his followers. If that does not make sence--READ Your BIBLE Instead of guiding people with non-biblical slanted views!--Praying God will have mercy on you!

Subject: TBN

Your program and website is an insult to true faith in Jesus Christ. Why don't you attack Dan Brown and the horrible book he wrote about our Lord and Savior. I will always support TBN, and the wonderful ministries that are aired on this station. You have much more to see from us.

Subject: Feedback about negative report regarding benny hinn ministries

how dare you talk like this about the greatest ministry in the world. I just came back from the most wonderful weekend of my life. As a spirit filled Christian, I know when the Holy Spirit is present, we were on Holy Ground, hundreds healed by the power of God. You have no idea what you are talking about, or how you are damaging the work of God of taking the gospel to the whole world before the end comes. I will always support this ministry.

Subject: Feedback about Can you show me where in the scripture?

Where in the bible did God or Christ call us to do what you are doing? You say he called you to do this then where? and how? Christ was not poor, he was rich and so were his 12 disciples. They walked away from there families and money and lived off of the donations of the believers to travel and spread the word. They did not take the wealth from their pockets to spread the word. Why would I want to follow a poor man and live less than the people who act the devil? We are Kings and Queens and should live as such. Be careful that you do not resemble pontus pilate, and judas.

Subject: Feedback about Investigations


Since you seem to be on a crusade against CHRISTIANS I was wondering why you have not included the "idol"worshiping rich Catholic church. I see nothing on your website about the Catholic church.

I see you are asking for donations. Maybe we should start investigating you.

GOD blesses his people, and yes even with gold toilet seats if that is what they want.

You point a finger at Christians and you have three pointed back at yourself. In the end GOD is the judge.

Subject: Feedback about Benny Hinn

What gives you the right to pass judgement on people that you know nothing about. You claim to be a christian based organization, yet you continually attack people that are on the front lines. Who are you to tell people to stop giving money to ministries that God has told them too. Who are you to say that the healing that God does through Benny Hinn are fake and misleading. The healing that take place are because the person believes that God will heal, not the man. You get leads from people that are upset because they didn't get healed. It has nothing to do with the man. My niece was taken to a Benny Hinn Crusaude right after she was diagnosed with Cancer. Complications occurred. We don't blame the man of God or God. God's timing for things is perfect.

Our (christian's) biggest problem is attacking brothers and sisters in public without going through the right, biblical truths. "if you see a brother in a fault, go to him, if he doesn't repent and change, go to him with another, if he still doesn't, take him before the church. The secular world is not the church, Why would you take it there?

You attack people that reach people and now you want take that away. What they do is between God and them, not you!!!

Subject: Feedback about televangelist investigation

Why are none of the ministries you are helping to investigate in the top ten list you show on your site. Are you the doctrinal watchdog for the church? Your action may result in a drop of evanelistic outreach for a short while. Are you prepared to answer for that activity? You are playing politics here in a political year, that is quite evident. Your plan will fail.

Subject: Feedback about Congratulations

Congratulations on your achievements. I will enjoy watching you rewarded upon our Lord's return for attempting to shut down the biggest soul-winning campaign in history. Whatever "Gospel" it is you purport to preach is going to be completely overshadowed by this "acheivement". Where would we be without your watchdog "ministry"?

I applaud you for your rejection of the Message of the gospel of the Kingdom of God, and it's prosperity message. All the wealth of this world belongs to me, which we all know anyways. If Jesus thinks his kids are going to take away all my money, he is mistaken Anyways thank you for all you help!!!

your father,


Subject: Feedback about mega pastors

I was wondering, why is it that your ministry to watch others ministers seems so sceptical and biased against ministries that are evagelical? Also why can't you see or report anything good done by the ones that you try hardest to expose and report that? Clearly there must be some good being done! Am I wrong; or are smart, educated, professional, clear thinking men and women supporting the likes of Joyce Myer, TD Jakes, and Creflo Dollar? Have you noticed whether or not any of these types of Ministries have brought anything of god into their cities or the nation or did God leave this sin ladden country without a Prophet? Last but not least what is your organization doing to expose the likes of Ted Turner, move, Hugh Heffener and the porno empires? Probally nothing! Your most likely in with a group of boring seminary prechers who stand before an empty museum of a church every week. True or false? PS. what's the name of your church and how much do the people give?

Subject: Feedback about Please stop doing Satan's work

I am not a big fan of most of the ministries you are spotlighting but I do pray that you will get a real ministry and stop attacking Christian. Your Ministry is the hand of Satan. Is our God to small to stop any ministry. Is our God to small to have had to employ you to hound Christian ministries. Repent for your sins on the body of Christ and start preaching Jesus and not your self-righteous ways.

God is fantastic at weeding out the takers. He is also very specific about what happens when you attack His annointed ...

You know the devil hides behind sheep's clothing.

We give in faith and let God do the rest.

I will keep your ministry in prayer.

God Bless.

May God continue to forgive you for your negativism towards fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Plenty of non-believers dig their claws in and try to hurt believers, but how shameful it is when believers alike do it to eachother. No wonder non-believers don't want to listen to the Truth. Do you know how many lives TBN has helped save? Do you know how awesome a man Dr. Frederick Price and others like him are? Do you know the positive impact they have in God's kingdom? Please reconsider cutting them up. You're hurting God's kingdom, the kingdom you profess to be a part of. Brotherly love, remember? If you're not helping God's ministry, you're hurting it. There is no gray area. It's black or white. You're either helping build it up, or you're tearing it down. When you talk poorly about others who are helping, you're tearing it down. May God continue to forgive you for your actions.

Subject: Feedback about Finger Pointing

Funny of all the ministries you constantly attack, we here in the prisons receive free material from them, but as of yet for some strange reason your ministry has never seen fit to fullfil the call from Matthew concerning those in prison, but yet you have found a ministry that has been diffcult to locate in the Bible. I would like to say that the scripture that you feel necessary to defend talks about producing disciples. Where is your fruit? Is it possible the the success of producing disciples in the ministries that you constantly seem to want to protect us ignorant and unlearned sheep from are possibly doing what you should be spending God's resources on instead attacking one another, Paul said" one preach Christ for strife and another preach Christ in sincerity but in all things Christ is preached.

Chaplain Don

Subject: Investigation of Joyce Meyer Ministries

I read an article recently in Christianity Today about Joyce Meyer Ministries and the call for an investigation into the finances of that ministry. I have been a partner of JMM for several years now and I don't begrudge one penny I have sent to JMM. Perhaps Wall Watchers should ask Joyce Meyer Ministry partners and the people who donate to that ministry if they think it is being used inappropriately. I was shocked to see that her new house was only $2 million and that she was able to buy a vacation home for $500,000. The cost of her house and vacation home are much less than any physician or professional I know and she has helped many millions more than any single professional. If this ministry has access to $95 million a year and this is all she has paid herself, she is highly underpaid. I would not travel the world and work as hard as that family for that price, and I do not know anyone else that has written 50 books and worked that schedule for less. The spending mentioned in the article sounds modest when compared to what the secular world pays its professionals. One reason I partner with this ministry is because so much of what it brings in goes to missions. I am happy for her to spend some of it on herself and her family. In fact, I would be fine if she paid $10 million for her home. Most importantly, I do not worry about how Joyce Meyer is spending the money brought into her ministry and Wall Watchers should not either. If she is doing anything wrong, God will right the wrong. Does Wall Watchers think that God needs their help? It's the first time I have ever even heard of Wall Watchers and my impression is that a group of Christians should trust God to right wrongs. Don't you believe the story of Ananias and Sapphira? I think Wall Watchers should investigate the source of the complaint.

I am a Christian a also a person very much concerned with honor, justice, and integrity. And if anyone is using God to further their personal cause or is breaking the law, then I am in full support of them being brought to justice. However, I also recommend that you have all of your facts 100% lined up before you align yourself with people who are already on a mission to create a Godless socialist government.

If you would step back and see what you are doing, you would recognize that these actions you are taking are being used as tools for the enemy.

Again, if any person is truly out of line then I think it is important for people to be brought to justice. But I caution you, many governement officials and the world as a whole is already looking for ways to discredit the Christian faith and to remove God as part of our governmental foundation. Don't be part of the problem!

Subject: Feedback about Just Wondering

Hello Ministry Watch....

Let me start by saying that I tend to very much agree that a great deal of funds that large tele ministries bring in in my opinion are being used inappropiately.....that is in my opinion...when I read the book of Acts we see they took up a collection and the money didn't go inwardly to themselves per say , but went to help the poor in their midst as they had need.

So believe me im with you when it comes to motives for having money from Gods saints.....where I do have questions [and again im asking these sincerely]is where do ministries like yourself expect that someone should send to you their personal financial records? Should't that totally be a goverment and only a goverment function, for example if my neighbour down the street asked me to send them my finicial records what should I say?

If the government wanted to open up my records then for sure that's another matter, and let me tell you something I think the government has failed in not drawing many ministries into account all through the im with yous on that....not meaning to ramble on here but do you understand what im meaning? my motive for sending this to you is not to be disrepsectful but really just trying to learn and understand....thankyou for your time...

Subject: Senate Probe

Hey guys, I did not see anything in your Mission Statement about "turning your brother in." Have you guys read the story of David and Saul, where David did not want to kill Saul. Do you know how many people will be discouraged from the gospel and "Christ" because of your so called "Ministry."

Great job furthering the gospel of judas.

Pastor Steven

Maybe you could use your money to preach the Gospel of Jesus, or something non profit like that.

Subject: Feedback about Ministrywatch

I have been reading over your site. I am not sure I understand why it appears that this organization has assumed the right to act as overseer on the Body of Christ. If brothers and sisters were developing their relationship with The Father and being led by His Spitit about their giving and involement in ministry would not He Himself be letting us know where and when we should get involved and give where we should not? Jesus is the head of the Church and sees all. And if we think we are helping those who just don't know perhaps the mistake is in their trusting God with their decision making. Help me out if I am misssing something here. But the job of us all right now is to tell the world about the Kingdom of God and focus on that.

Subject: Feedback about Are you a government organiztion?

Why should Churches turn over their accounting records to you? Are you a government organization. Has your leadership been put into place by elected government officials. Their are many denominations and belief systems that consider themselves Christian. Which Denomination do you represent. I understand your message but if churches refuse to turn their records over to you they have that right. You are not the IRS

Subject: Feedback about Disclosure

Who rates What are your annual revenues for the past 3 years?

Subject: Feedback about Report on Joyce Meyer Ministry

After reading your report I sensed a bias against charasmatic ministries. I am a firm believer that God does not intend for Christians to be or remain poor. However we all have within outselves the ability to achieve if we choose to do so. Joyce Meyer is a talented writer and speaks biblical truth. She deserves to make money she makes. Perhaps you did not know that all proceeds from all of her books and tapes goes to the ministry and not to her.

One of my children is personally involved with JMM in a church they support in Moscow. I assure you, your tainted view of Joyce and her ministry could not be further from the truth.

Subject: Feedback about who r u

you guys are really amazing how you attack these many souls have these people won to Christ? millions Even if they are wrong the bible declares that God will use them in spite of themselves..i just think their is no biblical stance your ministry can stand on for attacking others...God is the final judge! I would be careful when judging others and hope u guys are perfect!

Subject: 30 ministries
In your 30 ministry watch approved ministries, I did not see one predominately "Black" ministry listed. Is the address of your group "Plantation Center Drive" any indication as to why?

Subject: Feedback about Re: Televangelists

I think it is a disgrace and smear campaign of the 6 ministries under the investigation being led by Sen. Grassley. What give ministry watch the authority to be judge and jury.

I believe that this is the time where God will separate the sheep from the goats. Perhaps, you should spend more time sharing the word of God with others than being the author of confusion. Please remember that the word of God (the Bible) says to touch not God's anointed. I pray that God will have mercy on you and that in all your getting, you will get understanding.

Subject: Feedback about Your organization

I give to many ministries such as Joyce Meyer and Creflo Dollar. When we give, it is unto the Lord. That is between God and the giver- not watch dog people - I think you have a lot of nerve appointing yourself as Christian watchdogs. True Christians give to God - they don't expect an account for their tithes and offerings - that is outragous! For everything of the Lord - there is also a counterfit - you and organizations like yours are counterfit. It is not your business to decide if what is done with tithes and offers is appropriate. I believe you and other self appointed watchdogs are counterfit christians, find something else to do such as help the starving children in Sudan or build a well for people who die from drinking diseased water - God judges, why do you think what you are doing is for God?

I saw the interview and it upset me, not because the ministers and pastors are being held accountable to the people, but because you ask the world to be the judge of the body of Chirst, and the leaders of the Church. This is something that the Bible speaks against and even tells us that as belivers the world hates us and can't understand the things of God because they don't have the Holy Spirit. If we the body feel that our leaders are not using the money given to the church in a way that is pleasing to God, we are to handel it within the church, not brodcast it to the world that God told us to evangelize. This only drives those bound for hell further away from Christ, and the salvation He has for them. Understand, YES our leaders need to be held to a Godly standerd, but we need to do it according to the Word of God not acording to our flesh and emotions. And we are NEVER, EVER to make the world the judge of the body of Chirst.

Subject: Watching
We are watching the life of Senator Charles Grassley. It will deterioate during this hoax of investigations. His arms are too short to box with God. Ministry Watch....we are watching you and are on to your wanting to control the "money" in the ministries under investigation. You are not fooling everyone

Do all you Pharisees feel like you have to go around looking for the speck in others eyes while you miss the beam in your own? Why don't you try helping others, which is more profitable than looking for all the wrong in the world. Pharisees had other problems too that were more serious than being legalistic, you might want to pray and find out what that was.I can tell you guys truly do not comprehend the life and teachings of Christ. You also might want to read up on Martin Luther and what he had to say on being "inwardly taught by the Holy Spirit". Don't you believe God is capable of talking directly to people? (stupid question on my part, I'm sure the answer is no based on your phariseesitical attitudes.

Subject: Feedback about do not accuse your brethern

do not be an accuser of your brethern, the bible says so, God sees and knows all, beware that it does not backfire on you and you become like in the days of old, (Saphias and Anaias).

Subject: Feedback about overt mafia-style opposition

I am offended as a Christian that you would go to the government because certain ministries would not comply with your audits. That is extortion! Just because someone doesn't want to use your self-appointed god-accountability shouldn't make them your target. You are not God! God holds his church accountable. The church holds it's own accountable. It's why we left England! We don't need more government in our churches. You are Judas turning in Jesus to the Pharisees. Who is it that you think you are? You have thought too highly of yourselves, that is for sure. I do not support your ministry or your efforts in any way if this is how you operate. I am more upset with your practice than a Bently or a marble toilet. What would King Solomon be accused of under your plank-filled eye? Apparetnly according to you, God does change and no long gives wisdom and riches. You are the ones giving Christians a bad name. Who respects brethren extortionists? Not the world. This is no witness to the "family" of God. But further testiment to the Jerry Springer in the church.

Subject: Feedback about Suspect ministries


I checked out your website after reading a NY Times article. I was wondering why you were going after certain ministries. Now I get it, you must be in cahoots with Reformed Presbyterian Church. I used to attend the RPC, and then stopped when they had a slide-show bashing other members/ministries of the body of Christ.

I understand your concern when a ministry is over the top like Rev. Jones who made all his followers drink poison Kool-Aide, but for you to go on a witch hunt to silence anyone who is involved with the so-called word movement, or who doesn't live-by your interpretation of the Bible is down-right dirty and malicious.

i read your article on c.c.f. and i was shocked! i support 3 children thru c.c.f. and 2 of them are muslim. maybe if the were more "christian" they would kick those kids off the program huh? is that what you would do? i dont care if they teach them religion, i care that they have food and medicine! you go down to africa and teach them if you want! think about what jesus would do! these are innocent little children in gods eyes. stop being so judgmental! ccf has done alot of good for the poor no matter what their religion is.

Subject: ministry watchers

Who gives you the right to judge any ministry???? If consumers are satisfied then who are you???? Any christian who judges his brother better take the log out of his own eye. I used to belong to a group like you and God delivered me from this critical spirit and told me to warn others who may think their laundry is clean! Watch all you Dr. walter Martin followers, he was eliminated from the scene, now I wonder why???

I would like to know what qualifies you to be a wall watcher? A wall watcher in the Bible ? should you use that for your reference ? is a pray(er). Now maybe you do your share of praying but what you do otherwise in this wallwatching business is not scriptural. There is nowhere in the Bible that other organizations were created to watch the treasury. Judas was to hold the money ? not define to the giver where the money was going. Who is watching you? If it were me ? I wouldn’t touch God’s anointed either with criticism or where they spend their money. I give lots of offerings and even to domestic groups ? and I never make them tell me how they are going to spend it. My seed is blessed by my heart to give not by holding someone responsible how they spend it. That’s God’s business. He is the Judge ? you are not. I feel sorry for you that you even find this interesting ? let alone make a career of it. Don’t write to me ? I only have pity for you. A wallwatcher is a pray(er) and if you prayed about this ? and was open to the Holy Spirit ? you wouldn’t be doing it.

Subject: Feedback about natural men

I listened to on of your programs and found your carnality answering why many of these ministries would be stupid to give any account to you. There is absolutely no biblical precedent for what you are doing. I'll guarantee that you believe you have the indwelling holy spirit. The natural man recieves not the things of God, neither can he know them... If you would be like the Jesus you preach, the foxes have holes but the son of man hath not a place to lay his head. Lead by example, live in a tent, take no thought for tommorrow, what you shall eat... If my father owns it all and doesnt want me to drive the nicest car, whats up. Remember, it is the lord that gives you power to gain wealth. I noticed you gladly recieved the $500,000.00 gift you knocked someone else out of. Shame on you you carnal religous decieved truth illiterate, anti-christ. Hagin was the founder of rhema, not copeland. I am not a fred price promoter but he is far closer to the truth than you people. Touch not mine annointed and do my prophets no harm. Let EVERY MAN WORK OUT HIS SALVATION. God help you, you are accountible and that is a serious thing. Praying for your blind eyes and deaf ears.

Subject: Feedback about Ministry Watch

Your organization and purpose is a joke. Your sole purpose claims to be that it is based on the belief that churches should practice accountablity..." Which is great and fine and makes sense. And they should. But they are not accountable to you. Who the heck are you anyway? How dare you judge other churches just because they won't be transparent with you? You are not the judge or bank, you are just some made up organizaion that has no purpose other than to cause people to not want to give to churches. It seems that you are causing more confusion and division rather than empowering Christians. Who gave you the right to give churches an "F" or "A" or anything in between? I have researched and explored your website throughly, and, I have concluded that this entire Wall Watcher, Ministry Watch, and everything in between, Is a joke to the Body of Christ. You are the cause of many people who do not got to chruch or know the Lord to continue to not do know b/c you are making them skeptical when you should be spreading the message of the gospel, not what you are currently "doing."

Subject: MinistryWatch

After reading through your website, I believe Paul Crouch is correct - your ministry has a doctrinal problem/difference with the word of faith teaching. I really feel sorry for you. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER CHANGE FROM THE WORD OF FAITH TEACHING. I wonder, how much of the money that is donated to your ministry goes into your pockets????

Subject: Feedback about Are You Kidding?

Do you really believe that you are anything more than just another mechanism for right-wing neocons?

And Christian? You've got to be kidding. I looked and some of your 5-star recipients and just laughed in disbelief.

In your dreams, maybe.

Subject: Motives on giving

I have often been leary of giving to various ministries but, the bottom line is this - God gets his money no matter what. It is our job to give and it is between god and the receiver from there on out. It is not our job to condemn, criticize or judge. And if you spent as much time in prayer for these groups as you do designing and up-keeping this website...then there wouldn't be any thing to would there ?? God Bless, I know your heart is in the right place.

Subject: Feedback about Criticisms?

It seems to me that you are a bit harsh in your assessment of this network. I have been watching them for awhile, and although I too at first questioned their integrity, it seems that they are leaving judgment and defense of their work in the hands of God.

With that said, I would just put forth this position to you: Although I am not Catholic, and do not agree with all of the theology or the way they choose to pray or worship, I would never in a commentary like yours criticise the EWTN network on the basis of their theology. I enjoy watching the friday night broadcasts of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, and find this inspiring. Likewise, although you do not agree with the "prosperity gospel", or the claim it and grab it so to speak theology, it should behoove you to concentrate on integrity of the ministry, the helps provided, and the fruit produced thereof. My bet is the Crouches themselves probably give away at least 50% of their income to ministries they support or parishoners, or Ministers having difficulties, whether or not it is documented, and that is thier business. I would also like to note that the audiences there in Dallas (Irving) TX are always invited FREE OF CHARGE....which I think is remarkable considering the notariety of some of the groups and guests they have on their show.

Subject: Feedback about Misuse of church funds

you ministry name, i use the term loosely, came up at a meeting today, i am in broadcast myself, my statement was this, while i agree that a minstry is to be forthright with the use of funds, i dont agree with million dollar jets, cars etc, it behhoves us as christians not to be used or abuse by the secular media, your ministry is the darling doll of the extremey biased media, your information to the media, is not biblical, last i checked ot says to show the sin in love, not run to the secular media, your actions black eye everyone in the Christian world, and another "ministry" undermining God's world thank you, i am open to any biblical proof you have using the secular world, and what your doing is biblically sound

Subject: Feedback about Do you read or have you ever read the Bible

Dear Sir or Madam,

What I would like to know is if you really read and studied the Bible? The reason I ask you this seemly easy question for a foundation that "watches ministries" is because of your allegations against faithful, wonderful, God fearing ministries and how God has blessed them..Yes you heard me, God has blessed them. Why not focus on all the money that they have given away and all the lives they have changed and helped. If you really knew what it meant to be a minister of the gospel, you would think twice about your outlandish accusations.. And to think this is a Republican foundations..what a disappointment to all Republicans!

Subject: Feedback about Sickening!

Sure get the government involved in investigating ministries. It wonâ??t be long before the government storm troopers start investigating every church including your organization and take control of it all. You are wasting my tax money by investigating this pointlessly when the IRS has already investigated most if not all of these ministries. Big Brother surely is watching now and know that when it call collapses in America the Your Organization played a big part. I can't wait to see how this is going to play a big role in the next political election considering a top republican is leading this. The influence will not only be in the $$$ you are so worried about but the influence these ministries may have in the next presidential election. Like many, I am not a liberal but if Top republicans are attacking Christian Ministries. We will jump ship and give it to the Democrats. Silence christian ministry and our freedoms and you've sold out America! Shame on You! I have emailed my Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson and voice my oposition to this violation of Church and State!!!!

Subject: Targets

Do you watch for corruption only among Christians, or do you watch all religions?

Subject: Feedback about sowing seeds of discord

I am a poor black women who has a christian school in the heart of the ghetto. No one donates to us and GOD knows I wish that they did. So I should be one who complains but I can't and I won't because who says that the ministries cannot be blessed. If you work you should eat. These people survive from their books, their tapes etc. Ministry is a business also. I use to think with a heavenly attitude but I found out that if you don't think with a business mind then you will fail. Look at you. You survive off of donations. You must be careful of your motive for divulging the things that you do. Is it to get more donations?

As much good as those people are doing why do yyou feel a need to expose them. The Bible says that if you have a problem with your brother go to him and if he doessn't listen take it to the church not the orld system. GOD is going to hold you accountable for what you are doing

In regards to the 20/20 show... What really turned me off to that whole segment is that they did not have any of these Ministers that they were talking about on to discuss those issues on their spending. Have you tried to contact these ministries to discuss your issues with what they are doing besides asking them for financial statements? I just believe that as Christian believers that we have a responsibility to talk to each other and straighten out issues before going out to the world with presumed information. The damage for non-believers viewing this information can be great. I am not discretiting your work but I do believe if you go about it in another fashion like sitting down and discussing the issue face to face with that particular Minister maybe that will work. If that ministry declines to do so then we can assume that they are hiding something and go after them like hounds. Just an option being thrown out there. I am just thinking about all the non-believers that are viewing this information whose heart will be more hardened because of what they are witnessing.

Subject: Feedback about What about the good...

You participated with the media on 20/20 in not only painting an untrue picture about ministers, but nothing positive was said about the purpose and actions of these Christian Ministries. How the pooor are fed and clothed. Ministry to the sick in hospitals and visits to those in prisons. Millions, literally, that are used to spread the gospel. Lives of troubled youth that are redirected. How said that Christians go to the world and pull each other down in the name of doing good...

Why would a ministry even want to communicate with the liberal ABC? They air the likes of "Rosie O'Donnell" with her anti-American statements, why would you want to stoop down to the gutter with them?

Subject: Watch out

I am persuaded by your campaign to "expose" currupt ministries to ask you to take a more critical and spiritual look at your very own motivations. The bible says that when Jesus was told of a person who was teaching the gospel that didn't follow Him,that he should make him stop. Jesus told them to leave him alone...that whosever is for me cannot be against me. Benny Hinn speaks and teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul Crouch and TBN ministries broadcast the Word of God across the world. Many men women and children have been healed delivered and saved as a result... What have you done for God's Kingdom? With friends like you,God's people don't need enemies or the secular media to tear them down. Jesus came as a sacrificial Lamb, He went to the cross, this was His purpose...He was made poor so that we could be rich. He left a place where the very streets were paved with gold. Jesus wasn't poor. Through-out the Bible God promises us wealth and healing. This is what we are to expect, and when Satan sees God's people prospering, he gets offended. So why are we not offended when our enemies prosper?...The rappers... the professional athletes...the movie stars...the corporate oil exeutives.. where are the watchdog groups for them? They take more money from poor people than any preacher ever could. Yet we say nonthing, rather we applaud them. There is nonthing wrong with the people of God who pour out themselves to minister day after day, week after week to enjoy a private plane, or a nice hotel, or a vacation, or have a nice home... This is fruit of their labor. And God said a man is worthy of his hire...because these people are corporate executives of God..They promote Him and the Gospel. Stop doing satan's work for him by tearing God's people down!

I was completely amazed to see this organization recognized on Good Morning America. I think what you have started is a bunch of crap! I am a CHRISTIAN and I believe in JESUS CHRIST. I tithe, which means that I give 10% of my earnings to a church. This is MY choice to GIVE my money and let it be used as needed! I think it's interesting that you waste your time criticizing these very hard-working believers for the amount of money they have. And by the way, I will continue to support and stand up for Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, as well as the whole TBN family. You know if you would open your BIBLE you would understand that GOD wants us to be prosperous as well as giving. King Solomon was the wisest and RICHEST king who's ever lived and it was all thanks to GOD. Did you fail to mention all the good things these ministers and preachers are doing for third-world countries when the "fabulous" U.N. won't even get involved? Think AFRICA! Or did I miss that part? You are barking up the wrong tree, Mister. Why don't you open that BIBLE that you've tossed aside and find out what GOD'S purpose is for your life????

GOD Bless You (With All Sincerety)

Subject: Utterly Speechless

I am very dissappointed in this website and the things that you are placing in the media about ministries and pastors. You seem to be looking in these things at a very one sided view. I do agree that there are some pastors and ministries that are not using the money wisely. However there are ministries and pastors who are using the money right, and actualy doing God's work. Before you all use the scripture please understand what the Lord said and meant in these messages.You really don't know what a pastor deals with. It is a job to be an overseer of God's flock. So there are somethings i don't agree with that this organization has stated or the message you are sending to unbelievers!

I just checked out your website after seeing it on the Enough tv show and I think this is just fueling other people to stay away from church because you are representing preachers who do wonderful things in this world as swindlers. The Bible clearly says "Do not judge and you will not be judged." Luke 6:37 NIV. This is doing a real disservice to those ministers that live abundantly, doing nothing wrong with their money, that your website judged to be failing in your eyes. Hopefully believers are smart enough to look for financial transparency when they join a church, and you are certainly not the keeper or "watchman" for these people, God is. Also the enough tv show stated that you have different theology than these preachers and how is it different if we are all christian? I think this website is disgusting and not accurate at all.

Subject: Re: I am concerned about your methods

I wonder about your motives. There was something about the tone of your voice and I was quickened. I am always concerned when "we" as a Christian body attack one another in public. I still believe the manner in which you run this "ministry" is suspect. Unfortunately no human can audit your hearts. I may not agree with all that televangelist say or do....but I know the Lord is served. The Pit-Bull mentality of many so called watchdogs is unkind and prideful.The very title "watchdog" starts from an adversary position. I do not think Jesus would start out with this premise. Don't get me wrong......we need to be aware, but prayerfully aware. I do not like the police state of mind. It is full of malice. I pray you and yours do not fall...... I pray you well.

Gracefully His,

Subject: Responding to Senator Charles Grassley Anti-Christ's Letter to half dozen Christian Ministries
Importance: High
Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters in God our Father's House,

After I read an article regard Senator Grassley recent letter to half dozen of Christian ministries and churches. Although, during the night before dawn of November 7, 2007, in my dream I saw a young woman at above several yards in front of my right, in the middle of the airspace, she was as the about same level of where I Spirit was residing. She was wearing kneel long burgundy turtle neck and long sleeves dress. While I was seeing her, God our Father pointing to her turtle neck collar, and He said to me, "Obedience!" I did not understand what was He told me until after I read an article about Senator Grassley letter to half dozen of Christian ministries.

As I wrote on my letter (file attachment) to Senator Max Baucus, Chairman of U.S. Senate Finance Committee: Excepted crime activities, government throughout the world, and leaders did not and never will have authority over religion activities and practices. Because both government and religion are under God, and both are directly responsible, liable, an accountable directly to God.

Therefore, the "turtle neck" is symbolic of all people on earth did not and will not have power above God. Or everyone must obey to God our Father's commandments/laws. It also, God our Father reminds Christian leaders and ministers and all Christians must comply with God our Father commandments, and stand firm, do not allow government officials or anyone abolish your faith and obedience to God our Father. Each and all Christian must following our beloved brother Messiah Jesus' teachings, to build Kingdom of Heaven on earth, without fear of devil manifesting through human minds and actions of various level in government.

Senator Grassley letter demands Christian leaders and ministers under his/government power ruling by the devil power, attempting to rule God's agents/ministers. It is the spirit of anti-Christ through Christian leaders and ministers.

Subject: Feedback about You are jealious and a hypocrite.

I find you're web site and your statements about many ministries full of jealousy and spite. You have an attitude that is quite childish and unknowledgeable. For one, you are angry that ministries that collect funds, yet your page is full of "donate here" buttons. You say that ministers are overpaid, on average, compared to other non-profits, yet you fail to say that for the larger non-profits, those that raise the amount of funds these ministries do, have a FAR higher level of compensation. This is blatantly to promote your small minded view of God and the Scriptures. For instance, Jesus said to sell all he had and give to the poor, have you ever pondered he said to sell all he had WITH HIM, on the camels he was bringing into the city at that moment? Do you really think God would have a man sell ALL he has to become poor, so that he has no means of even then supporting himself and his family? Maybe you're God of lack would, but not my God of abundance, for what did he come to earth for, so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. It is a sad thing that you do, and you fit into the very thing you say that these ministries do, you drive people away from Jesus, because of all your slanderous and spiteful talk. You think you have a handle on all the truths of the Bible and God, yet you hit on brothers in Christ in PUBLIC. Sure if you have fault, go to them, but to do TV shows and the like are just self serving. You think you help people by saying "every one is wrong" if they don't agree with me? So, in your misguided manor, you think you are helping people trust God, well you're wrong, you are driving away people at a much higher rate than TBN or Creflo or whoever could. So, will you post this on your site, no I don't believe so, because you probably find this heresy. And you misrepresent God more than these ministries. Your God that is full of limits, and lack, and smallness, and fear. A God that can not and does not want his people to prosper. And furthermore, who are you to define what prosper is? Should it be you small mindedness and jealousy. Should we look to you and you're kind to describe to us what is it we should have? Should we let you define God to us. It is your poverty and small spirit that does not see God any larger than you do. I believe you should have been a Monk with a vow of poverty. No, I am not one of those people from any of these ministries, I simple saw a link on DrudgeReport and followed it. Sad to say, you are worse than they are. Hit those that you do not agree with, brothers in the Lord no less, and place yourself on a pedestal so that you can look down at all those Christians and ministries that are less than you. You remind me of a legalist and a Pharisee. One who thinks they know it all and have it all right. I find you and you’re limited mindset one of the most harmful things in Christendom. I would never take the advice of people who are as limited in mind as yourselves and expound such a small God.

Subject: Who's watching you?

As it says in 2Corinthians 9:7, GOD loves a cheerful giver; HE knows the intentions of the heart; and GOD is able to make all grace abound towards you, that you always having all sufficiency in all things may have an abundance for every good work. We should obey the LORD and pray for our brothers and sisters in the body of CHRIST, rather than exposing them for the world to see. It really limits GOD, when we take matters into our own hands and not trust in HIM. If you are giving to a ministry, with pure intentions,and that ministry isn't doing right before GOD, do you think that the LORD would allow you to be robbed of the blessing? GOD has a beautiful way of working it out. If they are wrong, GOD will deal with them. You walk in love and pray for them. Then and only then, will GOD truly bless you. Thank-you for letting me share my beliefs. Be blessed!!!!

Subject: Feedback about The Desire of Wall Watchers

[please note that caps are for emphasis and not yelling - I have no italics option]

One thing concerns me about the 20/20 incident. I'm reading through your website and see your desire for Christians to do all things the Bible way. Well...Paul did not report about Timothy to the WORLD. I'm sure the unsaved enjoys pitting Christian against Christian. If ministries are in compliance with the government,isn't that where the world's involvement with CHURCH business ends? Should we drag OUR business to the unsaved for them to judge us, when even they say that no crime or infraction has been committed? You know as well as I that the unsaved or those not friendly to the gospel are not the ones giving to the gospel, anyway. On your website, you are asking CHRISTIANS to donate. Doesn't the Bible ask us do we realize that we will even judge angels? Moses judged the people in the wilderness. Isn't it in line with scripture and the actions of those of the early Christian Chruch to take your concerns about the Church Church to those in authority over you in the CHRISTIAN CHURCH?? I know the newtork came to you, but....It's like a man luring another man's wife into conversation about how he's observed that her husband could really be a better husband in some ways (and that man really means her no good). Maybe that man is right, but I don't think she should be discussing it with Him!!

Subject: Feedback about Your Reports

I saw a video clip of your ministry and decided to check you out. I am fairly typical pastor of a conservative denominational church. You seem over the edge by giving groups an "F" becasue they will not report their finances to you. I can understand your concern with the con artists out there, but you are unfair to many good co-laborers in Christ because they choose not to use you are their accountability person.

On the video clip, it stated you have spent $ 2 million on your organization.

Do you ever wonder what could be done for the spread of the gsopel and the meeting of needs of hurting people - if you had not spent all this money buying bullets to shoot your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Vance Havener said it well -"The Church is the only army where the enemy shoots at you from the front, and your own troops shoot at you from the rear."

I hope in the eternal presepective you thing this has all been worth it -It doesnot seem to fit into how Jesus lived.

Subject: Spiritual Thought

This is a message to Mr. & Mrs. Leonard...I find it very interesting that in the name of God and His Word you have taken it upon yourselves to be the "watchers" of those in ministry. Under whose spiritual authority are you bringing this "operation"? Were you both released by your pastor to continue this mission or rather crusade you are both on to stop these Christian ministries you are making out to be culprits? (The truth is the real culprit is the devil and we fall for his dumb tricks every time when we allow him to influence us, even when it involves something that we believed was initially God-driven).

I believe that your hearts behind the matter is not to intentionally defile those in ministry but to "make aware" their finances or their choice to not divulge all of their financial expenses to the public. However, a biblical way to do this if you were truly led by God would be to do it privately, NOT make it known to the media out of your desire to "inform" the American public. In actuality that is defaming the character of those ministries whether or not you are correct about their finances. It simply is not your place!(I also find it ironic that on your website you ask people to send YOU money so that you can continue your "mission" to make the truth about Christian ministries known). :)

Ultimately, God the Father is the judge of everyone's motives and character and He tells us in His Word that we have a responsibility to righteously judge others, not call out their wrongs so that we can appear noble in our mission.

I am seeking neither a response nor an explanation from your ministry regarding this. I close with this statement...We are ALL responsible and will have to answer to God for the choices we make in life!!!

Subject: Are you serious?

To whom this may concern...

I have been "watching" your ministry, and for this I have to say. A tree is known by the fruit that it bares. Your ministry is currently attacking what is the largest Christian network on the globe. Not to mention that countless souls won for many have you won? Are your brothers keeper? Is not the Lord in charge of TBN, you, as well as all other ministries and folks on this earth. The bible speaks on tithing to the storehouse. The storehouse that place which you go to get your spirital feeding. TBN, Joyce Meyers, and Benny Hinn, have done more in the Fathers name...under his will and anointing, than this ministry could ever dream of? Where is your fruit? Why is it everytime I hear of your mininistry it is in negative context? Are you so bold as to say that YOU will decide who the Lord wants above all to prosper and have life abundant?

I have read throught your site, and my friends, take heed, in these last days... you may want to look at the plank in your eye and leave the soul winners alone. You may also want to reevaluate your position on telling Christians who and who not to tithe to. You don't come close to begining to have that sort of insight...less you guide our footsteps as well.

Oh yea... I find no fruit in your ministry so you will not be getting the $25.00 YOU request for YOUR ministry.

I just read the article regarding Benny Hinn on the Agape Press. I am thoroughly disappointed with you and your article. Shame on you. With all of the things you could be exposing, you chose to hurt Benny Hinn Ministries. It seems like you want to hurt anyone that may have a different theology than yours. I believe this man is being blessed because of his life being commited to the work of the gospel. You should NOT mess with God's anointed. I will have nothing to do with MinistryWatch and I will now contact and unsubscribe to the Agape Press for letting your article get published in their newsletter. I love and forgive you in Jesus' Name for thinking that you are the judge and God is not. You do reap what you sow.

Subject: Your attitude toward men and women who have been anointed of God

Dear Sir:

Although I may not agree with what TBN is doing, I cannot accept your attitude toward the brethren there. They are men and women who have been anointed of God. If David the man after God's own heart would not touch King Saul, although at the end of his life he was as though he had never been anointed, then we should not touch men or women who have been anointed at one time.;

True authority and submission is never force or coerced. My perception of what you are doing is that you are trying to force those, who have not heard from God to submit to you, to do so. You have no biblical foundation for your approach or the way you exert your authority.

I believe in accountability but not to those who try to force it. Our books are open to those who come and to those whom the Lord has clearly set over us, but not to just any organization that trys to impose their authority as you are trying to do to TBN.

It is clear to me that you are convinced you are right and I know that eternity will show us who is right. Please search the scriptures on the matter of true spiritual authority as I feel you are in danger of the judgment that comes upon those who touch God's anointed and those who cause division in the Body of Christ.

Subject: Concerned about public perception

I agree with the need to "oversee" ministry financials, but I am a little concerned about the overreaching reaction non-believers and sceptics have when we as Christians so openly condemn one another. As a member of a church who just recently lost a court battle regarding the construction of a new sanctuary, I can attest that it takes very little for the public to cast us in negative light, regardless of facts. With that, it bothers me to see the 20/20 report in which certain ministries were cast as doing something wrong, just because they are not complying with your organization. For those ministers who have million dollar homes, prove they were gained through misdeeds, don't imply that they were. They obviously do maintain a ministry of some kind, too many people would come forward if not, so why slow down what works they are doing. If you truly feel they are in violation, then turn it to authorities to investigate and find out. But knowing that ABC has no intentions of highlighting the "positive" ministries you have identified, why would you directly point fingures at a few ministries that have changed peoples lives, including my own. (I wonder how many of your "Alerted" ministries were knee deep in mud for weeks after Katrina, feeding people and working shelter villages, without someone pointing that out to the John Stossel.) Again, I appreciate your work, but please don't allow the media to use you for their agendas. Thank you.

Subject: Your web-site

Just because a particular ministry does not want to disclose it's monetary collections to you and your web site, does not make them criminal or unchristian,who are you to be asking them,what is your background and who gave you the authority to inquire.They don't know you or your motivation to be snooping around in their financial affairs.You said in the 20/20 interview you have spent 2 million dollars on this quest of yours to snoop,I feel sorry for your family ,you have robbed them of finances that could have been spent on something to enhance your families quality of life,but instead you are chasing a matter that really is none of your concern,If people want to give to church ministries that is their business and not yours and if the funds are some how misused God will right the wrong and issue out the punishment and those who gave will still get credit with God,so you are wasting your time and your families money trying to handle Gods business.Stop it,no one cares,people are going to do what they do regardless of your tattle tale routine,and I see your web sites also solicits funds as well,isn't that Hypocritical on your part?Yes,God rewards the giver even when the gift lands in the wrong hands,so stop,your activity could prevent someone from receiving a blessing. Stop and refocus your attention on your own finances and take care of your family,who needs you to oversee them.Your activity only serves to discredit television ministries and to get people to doubt them.Many of the ministries you have targeted are valid, but you seek to slander their reputations and get people to fund you instead.You are messing in Gods business and my advice to you would be to stop being a stupid hand in the cookie jar tattle tale!-Elle

Subject: I'm concerned about your arrogant attitude...

From time to time I check out the MinistryWatch Website. I have to tell you that I think you guys are extremely arrogant. You assert yourselves as being the most spiritual, most honest, most Biblically correct...give me a break! I'm reminded of the man in the New Testament with a beam in his eye. Here's why...

When I was a kid growing up in Indiana I was involved with Youth for Christ in my junior high and high school days. I was usually an officer in the club and worked like crazy to win my school friends to Christ and to get them involved in the club. Leaders from Taylor University served as sponsors or directors of the clubs.

I can tell you I was often made to feel like the "red-headed step-child of Evangelicals" because my family was Pentecostal and believed in speaking in tongues--and I might add, divine healing. I didn't understand all the doctrinal issues at that time, but I certainly understood that they thought I was somehow flawed or unenlightened.

Moving to an Assemblies of God Bible college in Minneapolis to prepare for the ministry, I once again became involved with Bible clubs in high schools. This time with Hi-Cs (High Crusaders) and as a volunteer sponsor/director. I cannot tell you how many times in meetings with other club leaders and parent volunteers I was made to feel less than theologically correct because of my Pentecostal doctrines.

I remember asking, "Why do you pray for healing of your family and friends if you don't believe in divine healing?" Or is it that certain Evangelists just don't do it in the right format of acceptability?

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

You guys have the same attitude and style. If you don't agree with someone, the other person is wrong and behaving poorly, outside of God's word and will. And, you -- who made a LOT of money -- criticize others for a lifestyle that YOU think is too much. Wow! What a conversation you must have had with God to set those standards!!!!

Up front I can tell you that I have concerns and disagreements with Benny Hinn, Paul and Jan Crouch and a few others that you put into the same column as them. And, very honestly, I personally know Benny and the Crouches. You report that your investigators said Benny promises to heal people in exchange for money. I have never, ever heard that from him and could never see that happening. A couple of my long-time friends (nearly 40 years) have served in management positions with Benny for years. They would never stay with a ministry that lied and scammed people that way, no matter what your investigators say.

So, to me it does seem to come down to theological differences that you can't agree with, so you call them "dubious". Pretty good for a businessman without a degree or formal education in theology. You don't agree with them, so you try to put the squeeze on them publicly, embarrassing them and damaging their ministry to the point to force them to bow at your shrine -- like Joyce Meyer and ORU. Shame on you. And to think you do it in the name of the Lord. Talk about a scam or a wrong position.

Your incessant insistence of certain Pentecostal leaders teaching a "dubious health and wealth" doctrine, is exactly like those Bible club leaders of my high school years! You think you should pray for health, but don't believe God can heal through a minister????? What do you think --- that God wants us sick and poor????? Oh, of course not, you'd say. So it must come down to HOW much health and wealth can you trust God for before you become misguided and unscriptural.

I spent more than 20 years in fund development for Christian ministries, so I know what you are trying to do. I think. But, on the other hand, I do think there is a lot of arrogance and a certain amount of vitriol toward those you disagree with. And, that, in my opinion, is sad.

Just one point of view. Thank you for allowing me to share it.

Subject: Feedback about Benny Hinn

I don't know about your assessment of the ministry of Benny Hinn. One thing I know, there are donations that are given to the ministry, and there are people who bless the minister. I have seen countless people who give to the minister - they believe in blessing the person who has help their spiritual lives. So it is not impossible for a minister like Benny Hinn to have his own resources, without diverting ministry fund.

Another thing, you said so many things.......and published so many criticisms.....but proper investigation entails ministrywatch going out on field and getting first hand information. Did you visit AT LEAST ONE of the orphanages supported by the Benny Hinn ministries? I live in the PHilippines, and I have direct knowledge of the orphanage of Benny Hinn here. Before you criticize anything about the orphanage, i suggest you also visit the streets of Manila.....and see the kids roaming around. SAd as it may be, we have a lot of those. That's not something to be proud of, but its the truth. But what I am believing for is that God will give a good future and overturn the circumstances of those kids.

Then visit the orphanages operated by the government here. Then the other private orphanages. Go and visit all the slum areas of the Philippines as well. That will be the only time you will get a picture of the kind of poverty majority of kids here live in. Than visit the orphanage of Benny Hinn. We, who live in moderate comfort....we are just in awe with the commitment of Benny Hinn Ministries to those kids......some were taken from the Social WElfare Department of the Philippine government....because the orphanage cannot just get any kid off the streets. They were taken out of social welfare facilities that were full of mosquitoes and whose workers were ill trained to meet the needs of those poor kids.

And what does the My FAther's House (the orphanage of Benny Hinn) offer them? Free education from elementary to college.....that is more than what most poor parents here can afford! They are even studying in private schools ---- something their parents could never have afforded at all!

Their house? They live in very comfortable houses. Whatever comfort Benny Hinn has in life, he made sure these orphans are getting as well.

I am not saying these because I am a Benny Hinn fanatic. But if you have not been to at least one of the have no right to criticize Benny Hinn. Its not what Benny Hinn says on TV that touched me. What touched me were those children at My FAther's HOuse...........who longed for people to hug them and really love them. The first time I went there, I could not have expected them to know me or anyone of us who came.....we just came to give them a Christmas party.........but one by one, they chose an adult from the visitors who came....some clambered up on our laps as we watched the program......some just wanted to be hugged....I will never forget those children.

the orphanage can never take away those emotions that are inside the heart of children in orphanages. But through the efforts of Benny Hinn Ministries, they are assured of a good future. They are even brought to Christ.

I can only think how good a man is to think of putting up something that will bless these children......

Maybe you should start looking at the good being done by the Ministries you are criticizing. While you have cited so many Bible verses, you must be forgetting Psalm 133:1..."Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For Brothers to dwell together in unity!"

One of these days, the very people whom you are criticizing for believing that God wants us to prosper, will be the very same people who will bless those who do not believe in it. You see, we believe that God wants us to prosper so that we can bless other people. Never was it taught to us that we are supposed to prosper for ourselves only.