Why can’t I find a ministry?

There are more than 1 million Public Charities in the United States, not including those ministries classified as churches. There are certainly a lot of ministries we have not been able to analyze yet.

Feel free to send an email to info@wallwatchers.org and list the ministries you would like to see reviewed and profiled. We will be sure to enter those ministries as ones to potentially add. A factor impacting our decision for adding additional ministries is the interest to users. So your feedback will make a difference and may be the tipping point as to why we choose a ministry to review over another one.

If you are a donor of the ministry you want added, it would not hurt submit a request to add a new ministry to voice your support for the organization to be added to MinistryWatch.com. It is much easier to start research and a dialog with a ministry that is ready and willing to communicate with us. Either way, we will add the organization to a list that we will consider adding in the future.

Wall Watchers and its website MinistryWatch.com is a free service and the demand for the free service is much greater than resources that come in to help meet that demand. As support for the free service increases we plan to increase additional analysis of new ministries.

Additional factors related to greater demand than resources available is that the existing ministries profiled become a priority to maintain contact, add new financial data, and update existing profiles for each as well. In addition, Wall Watchers is more than just the one dimension of the free website of MinistryWatch.com, even though that is the most visible aspect. As a donor advocate, Wall Watchers has other free services, such as maintaining three websites, and also carrying out individually tailored research, and has a Knowledge Management program. Each of these free aspects of Wall Watchers is explained further under About Us.